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Grab all the money on the table with your own product

Owning your own product is how you make ALL the profits from your marketing efforts – instead of only getting paid a percentage.

It’s a business model that every online entrepreneur should work toward.

Affiliate marketing is a common place to start

Most of us start our business building adventure by marketing affiliate products.

It’s perhaps the easiest way to get started because the product and all the marketing materials (graphics, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.) are already created.

The sales funnel is already published online. And the payment collection and product delivery processes are in place.

All you do as an affiliate marketer is advertise the product using the materials provided and you get a commission for each sale. The commission ranges from around 3% (for physical products) to normally 50%, and sometimes up to 100% (for digital products).

You know the definition of easy don’t you? That’s something you can do

Anybody can market affiliate products.

Creating your product is a logical next step

But what I’m talking about here is product creation. You create the product, you own the product, you sell the product, and you keep the entire profit.

The beauty of this model is that you can market that product, and collect those profits for years to come. (Especially if your product is evergreen.)

You do the work one time, and get paid over and over.

That pretty much puts you in the driver’s seat my friend.

The quickest way to create your own product is digitally. Digital products are training courses, marketing technique guides, and software – just to mention a few.

They’re available in the form of books, white papers, reports, audio programs, and videos.

And you don’t really have to create the product by yourself.

You can hire all of this work done for you, and call it your product. Most marketers who sell software products actually do outsource the work, because it takes a lot of time to get that right if you don’t have a lot of experience at coding.

One benefit you enjoy as a product owner is that you’re perceived by others as a guru in your niche. But what I think is the main benefit is that nobody can tell you how to market your product.

You decide everything about it.

Deploy a team of sales people

Another benefit is that you can have a huge team of affiliates marketing your product. You decide what marketing rights your affiliates have (what they charge, what percentage of commissions you pay them, and the marketing

techniques they can use).

A large team of affiliates, sending your marketing materials to their lists means huge amounts of visitors to your site, and when those visitors fill out your opt-in form your list grows.

Adding those names to your list represents growing profits for you when you promote other products to them in the future.

You also have the option of offering your product as a gift to get even more people to subscribe to your list. This is done in a number of ways. Join giveaway events, donate your product to other marketers when they have launches for their own products, partner with other marketers who have

subject related products that complement yours to ramp up both of your product’s reach into the marketplace.

Start now

Now the thing for you to do is get started creating a product of your own.

One way to do that is to get hold of a high quality private label rights (PLR) product, and turn it into a product that you own.

(Always make sure your offered products are high quality whether you own them or not.)

PLR products are those that the creators give you the right to change, improve on in some way, and transform into products of greater value than they already are.

You basically take the information, and rewrite it in your own voice. Give it a new slant – something from a fresh viewpoint.

Create your product from scratch if you like, or make an outline of what you want in the product, and take it to an outsourcing site such as freelancer or fiverr, and get the work done for you.

If you decide to outsource, research the different providers and make sure you’ll get a good quality product. The sites I mention here have some very good vendors, but remember that you get what you pay for.

Create Your Product

Think you could use a little guidance?

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